Saturday, November 25, 2006

Lets keep it goin...

Hello people! Hope you guys had a good week. I have been studyin quite well and most importantly, i am really happy with the work i have been putting in :) I hope that i keep up this pace. Exams begin in a couple of days. So, i am in my own "sweet" world. Am sure this challenge is goin to end pretty soon and i will be back home - ready to be pampered! :D

Here are a few quotations that i found- a reflection of what i feel right now!

This one is for all those who have been keeping me motivated through this period of time. Special thanks to my "cheers prithzuuu!" and "you-know-what" pals! ;) Thanks a ton for always being by my side! :)

Take care peps! Have a wonderful weekend! Huuuuugggzzz! :)

Saturday, November 18, 2006

On a Spree!

First things first! This cake is for Dr. Venkatesh! Happppyyy bdayyyyy to u! I hope u don't mind the portion of the cake i ate. It was too tempting! :D

Helllloooo peps!!! Hope you guys had an awesome week. My week was pretty decent. For the past 2 days, I have been really tensed about my viva. Finally, this morning, I had my viva and after 2 hours, the spur of questions came to an end. In comparison to the viva we gave in our previous semester on electric fish, I felt that my group did a pretty decent job. OMG! Previous semester was a nightmare-come-true. The mentors were shooting all sorts of unimaginable questions in physics, to us, bio majors. We felt like some caged birds being quizzed on a fresh water fish’s habitat. Clueless and lost. Well, after what seemed like hours of incessant rebuttal, we walked out, tired and hungry. A wave of relief swept the three of us. Too drained to speak, we smiled at each another and all of a sudden, we burst out laughing in unison. Each one of us knew what the other was thinking. It was over! Yesssss!! At last, it was over!!!

While on our way to the canteen, we were mocking at how each one of us were tensed during the whole session. We drew pictures in air describing the horns, swords, long nails and protruding teeth that we gave our mentors, as they were mercilessly shooting questions at us! After a really long time, we were laughing our heads off. For a month now, its been more of ‘serious’ job, working in the lab for late hours, fearing to meet the Prof, playing hide-and-seek with our supervisor when we didn’t show up in lab for one week during mid-sem exams and worst of all, we had lots of last minute editing to do in our report. Looking back, all this seems like an adventure.

Even though we were literally gobbling down our food, we didn’t stop jabbering. We went on to recollect the good old first few days of the semester. The lectures, the lecturers (:D), hours of gossip in the canteen, the CCA’s, last minute work on submissions, lab and yeah, not to miss out, the faculty bazaar. The faculty bazaar is one thing that can turn on girls, more so, if the girl is committed. The bazaar has some awesome earrings, chains, t-shirts, skirts, bangles, crystals, soft toys, icecream stalls (!) and lots more. Sometimes, I have got so engrossed with the stuff there, that I have walked in late for lectures! Don’t ask me if I have a heavy purse. No. I simply look around, try on the chains and earrings, admire myself in the mirror for sometime, then ask them silently for the price, give them a flabbergasted look, say “Oh!” and silently slip away. When I am with my other friends, its much more fun. We walk along each stall, browsing through all the stuff they have, gape at the prices, mock at how they are trying to sell a Rs.10 earring that we could get in Pondy bazaar, at $5, pity ourselves for being single, or pour words of jealousy to those friends who are attached. We go around teasing each other of their taste and finally, when we see the vendor giving us a nasty look, we realize that we are back to stall one after one full round!

Shopping has always been fun, especially, if we are hunting for tiny-weeny stuff like earrings, hairbands, clips and bhindis. I just can’t forget those days when I used to go shopping in Pondy bazaar with appa and amma. Mom and me invariably have difference of opinion about such stuff and dad would barge in the middle and tell amma to let me have my choice. Haha! What pleasure that would give me. It was like a battle won. However, feeling sorry for my mom, I would add her choice of earrings into the cart too and promise her that I would help her with dinner that night. Mummy flattered! :P If not for the prime location of these roadside shops, such that aircon blows from the showroom nearby, I would have felt like being burnt in a furnace because of the hot puffs of smoke from mom’s ear. :D Finally, when it comes to payment, I am out of the scene. Its dad’s smartness to bargain and get me all the stuff that I have piled up in the basket! One kind word that I have saved one rasgulla for him in the fridge for tonite’s desert is enough to melt his heart. Cute daddy! Yeah, it does seem sweetly mean. But these are those small joys in life that make life so exciting. I am sure that I am going to be doing such stuff when I get back home for vacation. (*hope my parents got the hint*):D

Can’t wait for exams to get over and rush back home. Got to catch up with lots of friends and relatives. Btw, I have a presentation to give on the snake venom project this Monday! Hope it goes well. I shall see you guys soon. Till then, take care. Huggggzzzzzzz!!! Ciao! :)

Saturday, November 11, 2006

That subtle difference...

Hello people! How has your week been? Good? I had a busy week. I finally completed my last mid-sem exam and yeah, we also finished our report on the snake venom project. Now am back to myself, warming the chair (and my laptop), munching on whatever i can lay my hands on! :D

Ok, let’s begin with this week's post. Few days ago, i happened to read this awesome post in Gils' blog on 'nice guys'. That's what inspired me to write this one. My rantings begin…

These are some random thoughts on a set of girls who often go unnoticed for reasons that 'God-alone-knows'. They are the ones whose silence is so much so that it makes their presence cached. Not that they are shy or introverts, but it’s just that it’s the way they are. They love to own the spotlight when they are within their small group of friends, but don’t quite seek attention when in a crowd. They would make awesome buddies if one understood the simplicity and frankness in them. They might not seem so open to conversation when it comes to guys, but once they get to know him better, the guy might infact find a new dimension, that he would have to drastically edit his ‘what-I-look-for-in-my-girl’ list.

These girls may not necessarily belong to the "36-24-36" hot chicks category that most guys go gaga over, but still have that aura of what i call 'sweet and silent' beauty. They are often nicknamed lone-wolves or sometimes even nerds when they refrain from attending parties coz they don’t like the crowd or if they refuse to join a gang of friends who have booked an entire row of seats for a first day, first show movie, coz they don’t feel quite comfortable with the attention that their gang might possibly get in the theatre. They mite find no need for that extra layer of makeup, a rich lip gloss or mascara to power up their looks, but instead stick to wearing just a thin line of kaajal, that is strong enough to lure the 'nice guys' (which too was unintended). Its these few girls who are branded as not being fashion conscious just because they are still spotted in a pair of casual jeans whose ends have been neatly tailored, while the rest of the world is following the new trend of wearing mini-skirts, which bears the look of 'my-ends-have-been-ripped-by-the-ruthless-washing-machine'. This also refers to those girls who are termed as being so less cosmetic savvy because they are ignorant about the new facial scrub that 'The Body Shop' has just introduced in market.

They are the ones who might find nothing so fascinating about a guy's biceps or triceps, or for that matter won’t even bother to check if he would be strong enough to lift her if she were to become his girlfriend, but still insist that he works out in the gym so that he can drop a bit of fat that hangs from his sides, which makes his once flat-football-groundish tummy look like a basketball now. This is about those many girls who expect not that their male friend open doors for them, or carry their heavy shopping bags, but would be genuinely appreciative of his gentlemanliness and grateful for accompanying them back home in the dark night, so that she didn't have to walk back alone. I am talking about those girls who, when interrupted by a call in between a waxing session, would simply bite their teeth in pain and listen patiently to their excited friend on the line, who is desperate to give her a detailed description of the chick sitting in front of him in the bus, instead of snapping hard at the poor fellow, who has no clue of what she is upto at the other end.

They don’t fuss over a small drop of rose milk that they accidentally spilt on their dress and end up finishing all the tissues in the table in the name of clearing it, but infact, silently excuse themselves to the washroom and get it cleared without any hullabaloo. These are the set of girls who prefer having a nice, homely, self-cooked lunch with their friends rather than go out to McD or Burger King for a burger and coke. While the truth remains that they consider such quick meals as fillers rather than a wholesome meal, they are criticized of having become unfit for this kind of a lifestyle. As if there was an equation establishing a linear relationship between the prime of a girl and the number of hard rock songs in her mp3 player, these girls are mocked at when they confess that they prefer listening to soft melodies. When it comes to the discussion of a topic that they are not interested in (either coz they are void of any knowledge in that area or coz they find it disgusting), they are teased to such an extent as if they were only fit to be born as some asexually reproducing plant or algae.

Finally, these are the girls who are considered the honest-to-goodness kind. It is little understood that they have their own sweet way of being mischievous and enjoying life. At the end of the day, it’s the question of how each one of us chooses to live our life. :) Ok, I shall wind up my post here. See you guys soon. Have a super cool weekend. Take care. Huggggzzzzzzzz!!!

Also, the card below is a dedication to a very good friend of mine. One friend who tires not of my u-know-what's!!! Wanted to cheer him up from the meloncholy.

Hey, 'you-know-who'.. know wat?... this is for ya!!!! :D

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Waking up to reality...

Hellllllloooo people!!! Hope u guys had a nice week and headstarted your weekend!!! :D Well, my week was decent. Finally, i got myself to work and yeah, so far so good! Also, my cousin had his betrothal this week. My entire family was down there, having fun (not as much as they would have, if i were there - i assume so!!), eating like gluttons (i am sure they did, they cant deny it!!!). And I was in my room, alone, enjoying the pleasant s'pore weather with a few slices of garlic bread and a glass of tea and yeah, working on my statistics assignment!!! Whoa!!! I couldnt get to believe it was me. Family functions are something that really turn me on. I get really freaked out, planning what to dress, what job i am assigned to be doing and stuff like that!

Well, this time was quite an exception. I was excited about everything. Alright! But still, i guess i was trying to suppress that feeling. In a way, it was masked by my fear and worries of missing the fun on the D-day. I didnt want to be that emotionally shaken girl who would sit down in the corner of the room and weep for being so far away from home on such an occasion. Infact, i was consoling my cousins and aunties who were missing me. I asked them to enjoy the food while i am not around, awakening them to the fact that i wouldnt have left anything for them to eat, if i were there. More than anyone else, i guess my parents were missing me the most. Imagine, when all other uncles and aunties swarm the hall with their children and discuss about what each one of their kids is upto, while my dad and mom have nothing else to say, except that their daughter couldnt make it to the engagement.

Hmm.. well.. my dad and mom were updating me about all that was happening there, to the extent that, my dad dailed direct from his mobile and was describing how each one of my cousins, aunties and uncles were dressed! OMG!! That was kinda crazy. But before he hung up the phone he said, "Nothing much is happening here. Dont worry. You can make up for it during the marriage. Now relax and get back to your work. Take care!" I dont see how better he could have put that. Infact, i feel we were tryin to console one another. I was asking my parents to chill and not bother much about the eternal question of their missing daughter, that would keep bouncing back on them as they dash upon each one of our family members. I instructed them to give no explanations and simply told them to repeat these words, "Enjoy the food while she is not around!"

Personally, i feel that this, to some extent, does show signs that i am infact growing up to be that strong, mature and "cute" woman that i want to blend myself into, without losing the excites-for-nothing and hyperactive girl that i always wish to be. :D Well, apart from all these, i am working as a student guide in the nobel museum hosted by my university this year! Its been lots of fun, especially the group tours that i gave for school kids!!! And guess what??? Today, a lady from the university newsletter came up to me and began shooting questions at me. In short, she was interviewing me!!! This is the first time i am being put through such a situation. But thank god, i didnt say anything stupid except for one question which went like this. She asked me why i chose to be student guide for the nobel exhibition and i said, "Oh, well.. i guess this is the closest i can get to the nobel prize!!" I dont know how good or bad an answer that was, but it was for sure a very frank and spontaneous answer that escaped my lips. I am just waiting to see the museum manager's reaction when he reads that article!!! :P

Well, thats it for now...i've got lots more assignments and lessons to catch up.. i will see ya guys soon.. till then.. take care.. have fun.. hugggggzzzzzzzzzzz!!! :)

p.s.: hey.. i forgot to tell u guys that i played pool on diwali!!! First time!!! Was wonderful and i enjoyed it.. so now.. who wanna play pool wid prithz??? :P