Monday, December 17, 2007

God of Small Things

The small matchbox-like house was dimly lit. The aroma of agarbathi intoxicated the entire house. She was lying on the bed wearing a nightgown and reading a tamil novel. As soon as she heard the door bell, she knew it was him. Carefully, yet swiftly, she got to her heels, peeped through the nearby window to ensure that it was indeed him and then went over to open the door. Gopi smiled at her, enquired about her health and headed straight to the bathroom. By the time he walked out of his shower, she heated idlis for dinner and had them ready in his plate. They quickly had dinner and retired to bed. They narrated to each other about their day’s chores.

When they were in bed, she noticed him holding his head in pain. She silently got up once again, picked up the pain balm and gently massaged his forehead. His reflexes weren’t too quick that night. He was too tired.

He gently held her arms and said, “I’m ok. Don’t stress yourself. Come. Let’s sleep.”

With his hand tenderly clutching hers, she continued to massage his head and said, “I have been sitting at home all day, doing nothing. You are the one who been busy all day. You need to relax.”

He opened his weary eyes, put his hand on her stomach and spoke softly, “That’s nothing compared to what you have been bearing in your stomach for the past 9 months. I can’t wait to see who you have hidden in there.”

She pinched his cheeks naughtily and rested her head on his chest. He was drawn into a slumber feeling the warmth of her blush on his hairy chest.

P.S.: A fresh, cute and tiny new addition in our family! My cousin is a proud father of a girl! And yes! Me the proud aunt! :D

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Two for Joy

HIM: Sorry I’m late!

HER: I’m tired of listening to this everyday.

HIM: From next time, I’ll say it with a glass of glucose drink for you. Oki? :D

HER: Thu! The look that the others in the bus give us when we get in. Damn!

HIM: Oh! That is a “made-for-each-other”envy look honey! :D

HER: I so believe you! You know how disgusting it is to ask the bus driver to wait for you?

HIM: It’s because YOU say it that he waits darling. If I tell him the same thing, he won’t give a damn. L

HER: Crap! He’s a nice driver. You better get him some sweets for New Year this time.

HIM: Are you asking me to flirt with him? Anyways, if anything remains in my pocket after your weekend shopping and I manage to watch at least one movie of my preference, I’ll probably think about it. :D

HER: You mean to say, your pocket is developing holes bcoz of me. In that case, I’ll go shopping with Janani.

HIM: Oh! Really? Then take me also with you sweetie. Pleassseeee!

HER: Arggghh! When are you ever going to mend your thoughts? You are no more single. Got it?

HIM: Yeah! No more single, ready to mingle. Only double, getting ready for trouble. :P

HER: Oki enough of your early morning punch lines. Btw, what reason have you cooked up for coming late today?

HIM: Oh! Appa gave me some bank work on the way and amma asked me to pay the electricity bill.

HER: Why don’t you wake up early if you know you have to get these done?

HIM: That’s because I don’t have my beautiful wife to wake me up and give me bed coffee. :D

HER: Oh! Is that some kind of a hint? Don’t you even dream about it. You know what all responsibilities I’ll have after getting married.

HIM: I’ll tell you something. Keep it a secret oki? (whispers) In spite of all that, you still won’t give up that gossip every night with Janani. :P

HER: (angry) Yeah, its just like the Saturday evening cricket match on the streets which you refuse to give up.

HIM: It keeps me fit sweetheart. A smart wife needs a smart husband, doesn’t she?

HER: I know you play in the streets to show off to that pathetic girl in the opposite flat.

HIM: Oh yeah! I forgot to tell you. This morning, I saw her wearing this green salwar. Wow! You should have seen that.

HER: (glares at him) So, that’s the real reason why you were late today huh?

HIM: No no. Listen. I was wondering how gorgeous you would be if you wore the same salwar.

HER: Ohoo! So you noticed her dress and you didn’t bother to comment on the dress I am wearing today.

HIM: Oi Cindrella! You are the most beautiful woman in this world. I can tell this any time of the day.

HER: Well, tell these exact words in front of your mom and I’ll prove to the world how no man can love a woman like you do.

HIM: Nobody can love you the way I do honey. Anyway, that’s a bad game. Don’t pull my mom into this sweetheart.

HER: Poda Mummy boy.

HIM: Oki oki. Why is our conversation always getting into some vicious circle of me vs you.

HER: That’s because you and I fell in love during an inter college debate competition.

HIM: Hehe! Oki oki! Quick, look outside. (points his hand outside the window up into the sky)

HER: (looks out) What’s it?

HIM: See see. You are so hot, the sun itself has hidden behind the clouds.

HER: (knocks him on his head) Nonsense!

HIM:Hehe! One small request honey.

HER :What now?

HIM :Whenever you scold me, can you just do it with a smile so that the others think you are only cajoling me?

HER: (smiles) Get used to it! :P

P.S.: Dedicated to Nandoo and Sat who turn Man and Wife on 13th December, 2007. You guys make such a lovely couple! Can't wait to hear you guys whisper "Finally!" at the wake of tomorrow. God bless you two! :)