Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Bless Me...

Hello people!!! I know i am back sooner than i had promised. But, as u are well aware by now, my patience takes a back seat when it comes to blogging and telling you guys something. So, here i am. This time, i am sorry to tell you guys that i dont have any good news to pass on. Infact, the very reason why i pounced back here is b'coz of monday morning bluez!!! Just when i was pleased with the fact that i had done one of my best preparations for the presentation to be given to my mentor this morning, i discovered that my wrist watch was missing!!! :'(

For a moment, i thought i was only being blinded. But, when i looked closer into the place where it usually lies, i sprang back to life and I literally turned stark white. Buckling under pressure, i rummaged through every inch of my room. Turned the wardrobe upside down, surveyed behind the bed, cleaned my college bag, peeked into every ounce of laundry, ran to the cluster kitchen, put my head into the fridge, checked the washroom. Hapless. With a heavy heart and a tear restless to get out of my eyes, i wore my other spare watch and rushed to the bus stop. As the bus rolled out, images flashed. It was a fine friday evening. I had just got my 10th class results. My parents gifted me this beautiful watch. She (the watch) had been with me ever since. My only live and alive partner, whenever i was alone. Faithful. Trustworthy.

Clad in a black leather strap, the crisp white square dial, with shiny silver needles made her look ever so glamourous. She agreed so well with any piece of attire. So many envied her. That watch of mine - Titan Raga. Ah!!! So sincere had she been. Ticking away tirelessly. Everytime i took a casual glance at her,she smiled back in reply. It seemed like the whole world was falling in. A strange emptiness began to swallow me. I could hear her ticking. Far far away. I could hear her calling out to me - to take her by my wrist. But her words seemed to dissolve in mid-air, little letting me trace my way to her. A huge chunk of my life, seemed missing. Erratic voices. Broken memories. Shattered times. Lingering thoughts.

This might seem so trivial, but, i treasured that watch and the thought that it is now no more with me, seems like a colossal loss. I was wondering if this were my fault or my fate. Probably, the other watch thought that it needed some attention from me. Poor thing!!! "The value of certain things/people is seldom known, until lost." How very true!!! Anyways, this loss seems to have evoken some feelings that were inert for so long. And so have they poured out, better late then never...

Resting was I in your warm womb,
Kicking frantically on those tender tissues.
So scared, so confined - I mite have felt,
Yet, your protective aura killed it all.

"Its a girl!!!" they finally exclaimed.
A beautiful joyous tear slipped your weary eyes.
So happy was I to be born - just for you.
Rebirth, it was for thou.

In blithe spirits was I that day,
When at last, I got a head taller than you.
Forever hence, have i grown,
Pampered by your unconditional love.

We then reached the threshold of separation,
Or so it seemed.
Far away have i flown, leaving you all alone.
Curse my selfish dreams!

Years have flipped by, so silently,
Little did i realise how less overt my love was.
Nonchalant were the words i have spoken,
Shattered have I many a times, your innocent heart.

A benign hug would have worked wonders,
A gentle kiss would have spoken it all.
I beg your mercy for keeping this secret from you -
"I love you and I miss you, my dear mom!!!"

Bless Me.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Spiralling my life, all alone.

Hello people!!! Hope you guys had an awesome week and are rocking your weekend as usual. I am doin fine. Lab work and classes are keeping me busy and active. My zest is alive and keeping my spirits high. However, this afternoon, after i returned from a seminar on mentoring, my mind was racing with mixed feelings. I was feeling lonely and deserted. My friend and I had planned to go out to shop for milk, yogurt and some veggies. Unfortunately for me and fortunately for her, her boyfriend had different plans and i had to give up mine. In a way, i thought i was being ditched. Frankly, i was planning to pugnaciously ramble about "how it feels to have a close friend who's got a boyfriend"!!!

Probably, its because i dunt know how it feels to have a boyfriend that i got so pissed off when she said she is going out with her guy. I didnt want to turn cantankerous and spoil her day. I simply exclaimed, "Ok, enjoy yourself!!" So saying, i tried calling some of my other friends for this lame shopping, but they didnt seem so interested. Dead end. With i-pod plugged into my ears and a Jeffey Archer book in my bag, i headed to the bus stop. Alone. All along the way, i was counselling myself to the fact that i need to accept certain things in life in their stride. I was silently thanking my patience and tolerance for helping me cope with the unpleasantness of this delirium. I visited a temple and tried to get rid of the cacophony of thoughts that were racing in my mind. I left the temple. Confident. Strong. Motivated. Re-energised. Like an incurable optimist.

Ok, now that i am back to my state of "Joie de vivre", i shall walk you guys through some ecstatic moments i had in university this week. This incident happened in lab few days ago. There is this "danger zone" in the lab which contains a carcinogenic chemical, Ethidium bromide. My friends and i had set up a reaction in that area. While the reaction was running, we moved away to the computer cluster in the lab to check mails. One of the Honours students working there, came out of her way to tell us that, we had to decrease the voltage of the eqipment that was running our reaction. Enthusiastically, i moved to the "danger zone" and adjusted the knob and turned to acknowledge her timely advice with a smile. (*did i get the "c" right on advice?? tel me if i am wrong.. often get confused *) Ok, moving on. While doing so, little did i realise that my hands were naked. Without gloves. This Honours girl, smirked at me and casually, in her monotonous tone, said " Oh, my dear friend!! You have to wear your gloves!!!" The words stung me like a bullet. Immediately, i rushed to the wash basin, emptied half of the liquid wash there and the whole sink turned into a bubble bath area, foaming profusely and the aroma intoxicating the entire lab!!! I had a funny feeling that the nerves and muscles in my face were entangling. Portraying a fool out of me. I could feel my metamorphosis!!!

Generally, i am this very cautious and careful girl when it comes to lab work, or anything for that matter. I believe in perfection. I was stunned to realise that it was me who had commited such a stupid blunder. Adding to the fact that i was exasperated with myself, what got me more so was that, this girl was watching me walk to danger zone without gloves on. She could have easily warned me before i touched the machine. I accept that it totally slipped my mind, but still, if she were soo keen in telling us about changing the volatage, as a "well-wisher", she could have cautioned me. "So dumb", i thought. My clumsy reflexes that dad often complained about, seemed far better than hers. The intellectual rating that i held her in, have come stooping down after this incident.

So, now, Prithz is being extra cautious about her life. In a way, it is very challenging and enthralling to take up such projects, though they mite even cost your life. I sincerely hope that my mom is not reading this, else, i mite have to abandon this project and take my next flight back home!!! Oki, anyways, thats about one interesting event that happened. The other two are better expressed pictorially.

The pic below shows the beautiful new book i bought. Its going to be my bible for the years to come and i am going to treasure it for the rest of my life. "Molecular Biology of the Cell" by Bruce Albert et. al. I am sure this will not be in the list of pillows into which i will fall asleep, while reading thru. (Last sem, my organic chem book fell in that list!!!) :p

Now, gals, hook up!!! I got this earring in my faculty bazaar last week. Have been waiting to show you guys. My obsession with pink seems to be increasing exponentially every day!!!

Lastly, i am really glad to tell u this: 31 posts. 5 months. And now, i have crossed my first milestone of achieving 1000+ profile views. Am damn thankful to u guys who have kept me so engrossed in blogging which has now become an inevitable part of my life. First thanks to my cousin, Vicky who got me into blogging. If not for him, i would have missed something that is now a huge part of my life. Thanks a ton da!!! So, that's about it for now. Take care. Have a stupendous sunday and a memorable week. Huuuuggggzzzzz!!! Will catch up wid ya soon!!! Ciao!!! :)

Monday, August 21, 2006

A humble attempt....

Hi all!!!! I just tried out something really exciting!!! Couldnt wait to show u guys!!! I sang one of my favourite indian carnatic songs - Kurai Ondrum Illai this evening and thought i would share it with you. Its a tamil song and its sung in praise of Lord Krishna. The devotee, through this song tries to convey to the omnipresent Lord that he has no worries or shortcomings in life. It is a song that truely portays the strength of having faith in a Supreme being.

I have made a humble attempt in singing a small part of this song. I used Sound Recorder and the sound quality is just average. Next time, i will try to present a better song and sing better. Atleast this way, i can polish my singing ;) Click below to chk it out !!!!

Kurai Ondrum Illai by Prithz

P.S. My usual post (a tag this time) is below. Chk it out too!!! :) Take care!!! Huggggzzzzz!!!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Loads to share...

Hellllloooooooooooo!!!! How are you guys???? Sorry, that i am not able to regularly comment in your posts. I shall hop by and leave my impressions. But i am really glad u guys are keeping my blog active with your comments even in my absence. Thnx a ton!!! And yeah, i have replied to your comments in my previous post, do chk them too :)

Though uni is keeping me busy, i am enjoying every moment here, be it lectures, lab sessions, my faculty bazaar's and not to miss, my biostatistics class. Hehe :) Yes!! My biostats prof is the cutest, funniest, craziest, most bubbling and the most vivacious prof i have ever had. (Do those adjectives suffice why i rave about him???) I sit in the 4th row of the lecture theatre and i do nothing but stare into him and occasionally, when my friends nick me from the side, i realise that i've got to take down some notes too. Ok, now Shhhhh!!! I better stop talking about this, b'coz, who knows, my parents might be reading this too and then, i'l be in terrific trouble ;p But guys, dunt get me wrong, the prof is already married!!! So, the only way i can impress him is by getting an A in biostats!!! Let me aim for the stars, atleast, i'l land on the tree top, wont i??? :)

Okay, anyways, i have so much to tell u all, but now i have been mercilessly tagged by R.S. and i promised to him that i would do it by this weekend (btw, after completing the tag and blog hopping this morning, i found that Contented has also tagged me with the same one!!! AHHHHHHH!!! Now, i better start being more sincere in blog hopping or u guys need to spare me, for heaven's sake!!!) Already i have 2 tags to be done - KK's and Ganesh's. I have never had so much work pending in life!!! Sorry guys!!! :( I promise that i shall do it as soon as possible, in the near future at least. Thnx a ton for your patience. So here goes the tag....

>>I am thinking about - U mean at the moment??? well, just wondering if there is any icecream parlour in campus at this dead nite to give prithz a butterscotch icecream :(

>>I said - I have sooooooo many things to share with you guys... didnt ya hear me??? GOSH!! I dunt wanna start off on a project on human ear. Forgive me for god's sake!!!

>>I want to - Work really hard this semester, make sure i put up a good show in order to qualify for the honours degree and make my parents proud.

>>I wish – I dont lose the people whom i love so dearly, make them realise that i truely care for them and live for them, more than i do for myself.

>>I miss – India, my mom's food, car rides wid dad and mom, my grandparents, my family, my cuzns, my school, my home, my room, my school mates back home and my best friend. And one day i will be missing my university. So better enjoy this for now!!! :)

>>I hear - A voice deep within me askin me to get to bed, a voice tryin to motivate me. Then of course, my all time favourite song from the movie Aashique playing loud in the laptop. I better reduce the volume, else my neighbour is gonna come knockin at my door and i hafta mention that also here...lol...

>>I wonder - If i could one day work at Biopolis (S'pore) or at Biocon (Bangalore) as a research assistant :)

>>I need - Nothing for now. I am happy with whatever i have. If you wonder as to why i am saying this, refer to this post of mine.

>>I regret - About certain things and i wish not to remind myself of them again. I hate the feeling of guilt. Plz exchuse me on this :)

>>I dance - When i am alone enjoying the warm shower on a cold rainy day. Its awesome!!! Y dunt u guys try it out???

>>I cry - Oh yes, i do and when i do cry, i say "If only tears could speak my love for you." I cry for nothing else but when i feel lonely, helpless or guilty.

>>I am not always - The soft and reserved girl that i seem to be when in public. I have a lot to share, to be enthusiactic and excited about.

>>I make with my hands - The best that i can.

>>I write - with my right hand and straight from my heart :)

>>I confuse - Names. Especially in s'pore, with so many new complicated names to be remebered, i can get horribly confused. People here can pick up my name easily b'coz it sounds like "pretty". I am the one having a tough time trying to remember their names and it is so embarrasing to mess up with their names when they can get my name right!!! :(

>>I should try - To be myself. The bubbling, cheerful and optmistic girl i wish to be and never let my enthusiasm wane out of my veins.

>>Learning to - Learn, to love and be loved :)

>>I should finish - Everything i undertake, with the satisfaction that i have given my best and with the perfection i wish to attain in it.

>>I know - That i have lots more to know.

>>I am - What i am!!! (Typical Dravid fan huh??) Anyways, currently, i am a Life sciences student. The rest is in my profile :)

Ha!!! That ends it i guess. Now, my turn to tag someone. Well, this time, i dunt wish to tag anyone, b'coz i feel i am not worthy enough to be tagging people since i have a couple more tags to complete myself. Once i get them done, i shall tag someone for sure!!! Hehe :) Anyways, take care, i shall be back soon to share all my ecstatic moments... have fun.... Hugggggzzzzz..... Mwaaaaaahhhhhh!!! :)

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Spell bound!!!

Hello people!!! Hope you guys had an awesome weekend and kick started the new week with as much vigour and enthusiasm as i did. University reopened yesterday and puffed out all the energy that i had gained in these 3 months, in just one day!! Bah!!! But i am enjoying running around campus, dashing into my friends in the canteen, library, lecture hall and at the bus stop and bet you, they can just not afford to miss commenting on my new rajasthani-knitted bag, that i am showing off proudly!!! Before i leave back home for winter vacation, i guess i will have atleast 5 gals asking me to bring back one such bag for them. And yeah, today is independence day, i am planning to wear a nice Indian salwar and walk into class!!! Hehe :)

Okay, talking about independence day, i just thought i would share this piece with you. S'pore celebrates its National Day on the 9th of August. There is an awesome parade that goes on in the evening and in the nights, there is an amazing display of fireworks by certain countries. Last saturday, i managed to catch the last fireworks show at the nick of it. I went along with 2 of my school friends (we are now in the same uni too!!!) and managed to capture some really breath-taking pics. Here they go....

The lit-up building to the right is the Esplanade (Theatre by the bay, the call it). Its also nick named the Durian, b'coz it resembles a fruit named durian.

This was the most splendid part of the whole show!!!! It was like the skies were being ripped apart!!!

There goes another!!! Almost the whole of S'pore was here to witness the show!!!

Also, i was beginning to smell crackers!!! I simply love that smell. It reminded me of Diwali. I wasn't in India for Diwali last year and wont be home this year too :( This time, when i left home, my lil cousin asked me if i would come bk for Diwali. When sadly said no, this is wat he told me, " Dunt worry akka, i will send one big rocket from here!!!" I could do nothing but marvel at the little one's sweet words and simply smiled back at him in awe.

Anyway, saturday night lit up my spirits and brightened my hopes as much as the fireworks did to the skies that night. I felt it was my perfect beginning to the new semester!!! Great rite???!!! I hope to be back pretty soon with something interesting. Till then, wish me luck, 'coz, i am goin to start my new project on snake venom tomorrow!!!! Hissssssssssssssssssss!!!! Hehe :) I am sure i am going to be sprintering around the lab on my toes for fear of any snake to pop out of some jar!!! LOL!!! Ciao.... Take care.... Huggggggggggzzzzzzzzzzz !!! :)

Friday, August 11, 2006

With tons of love, from me.

You walked into my life so casually,

And ushered me into yours,

Snatched away a huge part of me,

That you now refrain to give back.

My life has been punctuated,

With the times i spent with you.

I am now drenched by your love,

As if i were spattered by my own warm blood.

You made your world fall around me,

Crucified me with undying care.

I stand upon this land, miles away from you,

Hoping against hope, that you be with me.

My heart lingers with your thoughts,

Lying on the threshold of our life, i think,

"If only tears could speak my love for you."

P.S.: A sincere dedication to my best friend.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

An Ode to Brotherhood

Hello people!!! Belated friendship day wishes!!!!! Hugggggggzzzz!!! How's it going??? I had a wonderful flight back to S'pore. Just beginning to get settled and going around meeting friends. So thats about it here. I was just waiting to embark on my next post and here it is!!!

With Raksha Bhandhan(a day when sisters tie raakhi, a thread that symbolises the relationship they share, to brothers) closing in, i just cant miss talking about it. In school, it used to be that time of the year when most guys would fear girls!!! Corridors would be so forlorn with guys missing. No laughter, no teas
ing, no mischievous stares, no ramp walks on corridors. When break is announced, guys would simply abscond!!! It used to be so much fun to watch some guys run helter-skelter. But this day is something i really look forward to. Its a day, when i can really show my cousins how much they mean to me. Being a single child myself, has not been so tough since i have loads of cousins and i guess this single trouble is enough for dad and mom :)

However, I used to wish that i have an elder brother. I have just picked the words from one of the favourite posts i scribbled few months ago. It portrays my version of a big brother, i would have loved to have -

"An elder brother with whom i could share everything that i had in my heart... who would drop me in class in his "super bike"... i would sit proudly behind him thinking "My brother is the fastest and best bike rider in this world"... with whom i would roll on the bed, pinch hard on his tummy, fight until i lost all the energy in me... then shamelessly wait until he comes up to me and sweetly kisses me for which i would bite him hard... a brother who would hug me when i leave for my in-laws place one day... someone, who always would give me a hand to climb up.. who's shoulder is ever there to cry, who is always protective and who's love is undying...."

So, thats how i envisaged a dream brother. Anyways, now no regrets about what i dont have. Am really happy with the people i have now. Damn glad about it. Now, for you guys to answer - Share with me something you feel about your brother(if u have one) or else tell me if you have ever wished to have a brother and how would that dream person be.
Take care....Huggggzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

A Gift, straight from my heart !!!

Hello!!! Hope you guys are having an awesome week. I am enjoying my last few days at home - mom's great food, late-night chats with dad and so on. For a month now, i have been working on a gift that i wanted to leave back at home for dad and mom. At last, with sheer patience that i somehow managed to squeeze out the restless, over-enthusiastic-me, i managed to finish it. Here it is:

I consider Krishna and Radha, the epitome of love. They make such a beautiful pair!!!

Okay, this time, thought i shall talk a wee-bit about surprises and gifts. Its such an amazing feeling to gift someone during a special occasion. Isnt it??? It fills your heart with satisfaction after you present your loved one with something that they have always wanted. Its just so beautiful to see them smile and hug you for the wonderful day you have given them. Of course, surprises are such fun. They are so exciting!!!

When it comes to selecting gifts, its been one big problem with me. I can be utter nuisance to the shopkeeper. I would go around the shop, put my hand deep into the shelves, dig out whatever is there until the shopkeeper keeps walking stealthily behind me, as if he thought i was only window-shopping. More so, if it were a greeting card. If the words are good, the card's design will not be up to the mark(or so i would think). As if i were matching skirts and blouse, i would ask the guy to get me this kinda card, with that kinda wordings in them and he would give me a pathetic stare, that probably pleaded with me not to remind him of his college ragging days!!! I simply cant settle myself with something. Once, my friend abandoned me in the shop while i was rummaging for cards. She thought, the cakes and games might be over by the time i took her to the party!!!

I always tend to think there will be something better, something more innovative and something really sweet that i can gift. Its rather a very selfish motive behind this b'coz, i want the person to be haunted by my memory everytime he/she sees that gift of mine!!! Hehe :) Being this crazy Dravid fan, once my friends gifted me with a book - Rahul Dravid's biography and i was soooooo excited about it :) Everytime, i pick up to read that book , it reminds me of them. Anyways, coming to the gifts that i love to recieve!!! I love to get cards - they mean so much!!! But top in my list would be soft toys. I simply go crazy about them. Then, i like being gifted books, jewelry, cosmetics, music cd's, flowers, chocolates, crytals.... Guess i am building up a huge wish list here(just to get you guys prepared for my b'day next year)!!! :)

Before i sign off, one more gift to two special friends i recently met in blogsville, KK and s0ulasylum. Since you guys have been starving for some home food and some sambar (in which state i am to be in a few days time) here is my gift specially for you two - cooked by my mom!!! That's the best i could do guys!!! So Enjoy!!!! (Enlarge for better effect, its got sambar, tomato rasam, curd vadai, potato curry, salad, vadaam and gulab jamun...lol!!!) Take care and have fun!!! Hugggggzzzzz!!!

Btw, dont forget to tell me how long you guys shop for a gift and what's there in your wish-list???