Friday, April 28, 2006

Vacation is here!!!

At last, i just finished my 2nd Semester exams... Was better than my previous sem though... but still somehow, after finishing the paper i didnt have the satisfaction of telling the examiner that i did all my homework ... *sigh*... exams apart... i still loved the way this semester passed...happy memories, hangouts, parties and not to forget.... tons of knowledge (be it academics or life) has gone into it.....dats simply amazing, isnt it????

It looks like just yesterday when those eyes of mine were flooded with tears at the thought of flying to s'pore and spending another whole semester all by myself... i dreaded the deep sinking feeling of lonliness that swept my heart as i waved goodbye to my parents in Chennai... various thoughts flashed across my mind as the flight took off... that was one time i really felt the open skies and the clouds so unwelcoming... Not that i dont like s'pore or my university, but just that i would be missing my family and friends back home... and my mind was just too reluctant to accept her lonely counterpart here...

Now, the much longed for moment has arrived and i shall soon be flying back to India - my home sweet home... the starlit skies and the pristine splendour of the world beyond this island is so inviting that i am waiting to get back and meet the people whom i love... the smell of my mom's lip-smacking rasam, my grandma's irresistable delicacies, my dad's neverending "business travel adventures", and my friends' college crushes are something i am really looking forward

Awaiting a wonderful vacation this summer in India and of course not to miss... kick starting my blog life.... i leave u all with this wonderful link... chk it out... have a great day!!!!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

A Reason to be here!!

To relive those precious moments,

Flooded with joys unprecedented

And emotions unparalleled,

I enter this new world

Where glimpses of the past and

Hopes of the future,

Turn into words of the present

And here I present to you,

A reflection of the true me -

"Ecstasy Re-lived"