Wednesday, March 28, 2007

My Tag Rag Day!!!

Hiii peps! Hope you are doing great. It feels like ages since i really communicated with you guys. Been a bit lost in my own world. For the past couple of months, life has been quite a roller coaster. Learnt a lot of lessons. Got bitten a few times. Enjoyed the rest. Well, i also managed to surprise myself with a few things. I guess that's what they refer to when they say - 'half your battle is won by just making the decision.' So yeah, its going to be a long march ahead for the next one month with exams and assignments covering up on me. Also, the long pending good news that i had kept from you is about my internship. Its like a dream work place for me and will mean a lot to my career. Though i am taking just a day's break after exams to start on my internship, i am quite excited about the project. Well, to pep it all up, i hope to save a few dollars from the pay to get a cute gift for my grandma! :)

Oki, now to the post. As usual, i am being mercilessly ragged by tags.

This one is from R.S. anna - The tag asks me to randomly select a blogger and describe about their blog in general and also discuss any particular post that inspired me a lot. At the end, i've got to tag 2 people.

The blog i chose - Gils' Marypoppins

Description - Simple, sweet, most often long, yet cajoles one to read upto the end, straight-from-the-heart types, thought-provoking, crazy at times, ruthlessly random, teasers, cute comedy types, very expressive, a perfect blend of the mega serials and anecdotes ranging from the 'kittu-maama' genre to the sci-fi type, occasional jaw-dropping brainwaves. And my personal favourite is the spontaneity and the personal touch in his posts.

My fav among his posts - Ode to Nice Guys
Frankly, i guess this is one post of his that i totally fell in love with. The post talks about a certain set of boys whom Gils' calls 'nice guys'. He goes on to dedicate this post to these guys describing their kinda life and reveals some trivial, yet fundamental facts that have been shadowed. I am sure anyone who reads this post will be able to relate to one such person in their life - be it themselves or their friends. Its a very simple and straight forward thought that was wonderfully crafted with apt metaphors. That post made me realise how ignorant we are of certain small and intricate issues with regard to relationships. In Gils' style - an ultra cute post! As for the inspiration part that the tag demands - well, it inspired me to write this post! :D

I tag Mask Harish and Sat! :D

The next tag is from Barbi - I have got to list 10 things that suck about my college.

First the boring academic reasons -

1) The 'bell-curve' based relative grading system. At times it makes me feel as though 25% of my fate is dependent on the class of 350 students. (Yeah, yeah, just like Bangladesh's fate in the World Cup was dependent on India's performance.)

2) The 5 pointer system which looks at anyone with <4 as big time losers.

3) The 'you-are-anyways-going-to-wash-test-tubes' kinda attitude with some profs, that at times shakes your foundation.

4) The compulsion to study cross faculty modules involving Singapore studies which totally turns off a pure-science blood like me. I would love to do arts like painting, sketching or origami instead of history.

5) Adding on to the workload, there is also the compulsion to participate in co-curricular activities so that you can be assured of hostel accommodation for the forth-coming year, which again is based on a points system.

6) The freezing cold lecture theaters and examination halls that neither allow you to concentrate nor to sleep in peace, no matter how many jerkins you have.

Now to the more interesting ones :D

7) The Welcome parties and society get-together's offer mostly non-vegetarian food. So vegetarians like me are only left with the choice of drinking diabetics-friendly juice or bland veg salad.

8) Over populated with fair guys. Only a handful of tall, tan and handsome guys who are to my taste - most of whom are either profs who are married or masters' graduates who are committed.

9) No thair saadam in canteen.

10) Most importantly, campus is miles away from home.

Yeahhhh! That's it i suppose. Take care guys! Hugggzzzzzz!!!

Sunday, March 18, 2007


I knew never until that moment how bad it could hurt to lose something you never really had.

P.S.: Nothing in particular. Mixed moods. :)

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Too far. But not too late.

The first time you felt me kick mom's tummy,
So excited would you have been to feel the tremor on her skin.
I wonder if i was as happy as u,
When finally, i got my way out - crying! Phew!

So timid and confused was i that day,
To crawl into your arms,
While you were sporting a long scary mustache,
Just to give yourself the 'father' look! Grrr!

While you took me in your scooter,
I would stand in front following the speedometer.
My light pink frock would flutter in the breeze.
I would roll into a slumber, only to be pinched on my back! Ouch!

You and me were 'partners in crime'.
Be it adding latest hindi cassettes to our collection,
Or chopping my hair short in a men's saloon.
What an innocent face we put in front of mom that day! Hehe!

And then, as i would prepare for my final exams,
You would stay up with me all night,
Under the pretext of reading the newspaper,
Your weary eyes would drag you into a sleep. Snore!

Just when i would think that i couldn't get better,
You would prove me wrong.
The day arrived when finally my dream morphed into reality.
Was it a pearl of joy or a tear of separation that i saw in your eyes?!?

That's when I felt that the only place i could call home,
Was where you are.
It was the first day of my life when i realized that
I was missing you more than i thought was possible.

I am no longer looking forward to the day when you would get me an air ticket to pursue my dream, but infact i am eagerly waiting for the day when i would get an air ticket just to fly home and lay down on your lap. Till then, your love would sure give me the strength that i never knew i had.

P.S.: Dedicated to appa. Sequel to my dedication to amma.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

YOU are reason enough for my wait!

Sometimes the thing you didn't expect is what you have wanted afterall. Its like giving yourself a sweet surprise. You think about how it all shaped up and the only answer you've got is a smile. Well, you eventually learn from it. Its all about "giving up something you really want now, for something you have wanted for your whole life." At the end of the day, its about resisting the temptation, b'coz, the only trouble with resisting temptation is that you may not get another chance. In the midst of all this, there is this one person who has seen you through the crux of every moment of your agony and struggle to reach this goal.

Now, it is that time when you tell the person how much they've touched your life and added beauty. Those gestures of love, care and motivation could only be from them - a true masterpiece sent by god, just for you. Infact, you spend less time with yourself so that you can spend more time with this person who means so much to you. Though you are miles apart, the day is not far off when you shall celebrate this success together - and that too for the first time! Waiting could be painful. But, life is so much different if you didn't have to wait for those sweet moments. It would lack the suspense, it would lack the pain, it would lack the excitement that surges when the dream wait turns a reality.

That friend now asks you for a reason why you are hoping and waiting to meet each other. The only reply i can think of is - "Aren't YOU reason enough?" If that doesn't suffice my dear friend, read through this post again for the bunch of reasons hidden and pick your favourite! :D And you know what? If you aren't too long, i shall wait for you my entire life, for, you are that one rare person for whom i am hoping and waiting. Huuuuuuggggzzzzzzzzz!!!!

P.S.: Dedication to a wonderful friend, You-Know-Who