Monday, July 31, 2006

21st Century Crow !!!

Hello people!!! Hope you guys had an awesome weekend to keep you going though the coming week. Your comments to my previous post have been immense boost to my morale and spirits. Thnx a ton!!! Also, am sincerely following one of my favourite quotes that I often mention – “At times of distress, behave like a duck - keep calm and unruffled on the surface, but keep paddling away like crazy underneath.” So I am keeping myself crazily-motivated from within and trying to keep my cool on the outside. One of my best friends used to say that distance makes the heart grow fonder. How true!!!

Now, let me take you from my virtual world to the real one. Hopefully, this should cheer up my blog from its forlorn state and bring back the ecstasies. This happened a few months back (as soon as I had come home for vacation). As usual, in spite of the sun shining brightly into my face through the window panes (so architecturally set up by dad!!!), I tried to cover up myself with the blanket and extend my trance. As I was battling my way to catch up with the additional 10-minute sleep I had bargained, I heard mumblings from the kitchen. As far as I could make it, I thought my mom was deeply intrigued in some soliloquy.

Slowly it turned into a tempest. I woke up grumbling at the morning disturbances and was startled at what I saw. My mom was taking out salt biscuits from the refrigerator and feeding it to the crow that was so perfectly perched by our kitchen window!!! Usually, we feed the crow with rice before we eat, a custom followed in many Indian homes. But this really got me stunned. She was talking (No, shouting!!!) to the crow saying that it was demanding a lot of biscuits nowadays!!! Ahan! So, that’s what all the cawing was about!!!

Later, I quickly brushed my teeth and returned to find out the whole story behind this 21st Century Crow. It seems, the crow was a regular visitor to mom’s kitchen. Its nest (home!!!) is just next doors - on the branch that extends to our kitchen window. Sincerely, at 9.00 am, it seems it will be cawing on top of its voice, calling out to my mom to give morning breakfast!!! No wonder, in a house where no one eats salt biscuits, there is always a mention of salt biscuits on the grocer’s list.

Its really sweet of my mom to be doing such a thing. The crow makes a lively neighbour for her. Of late, this crow comes in the afternoons as well, to feed the next generation of small crows in the nest!!! It’s a wonderful sight to watch it feed its little ones. Looks like my mom has got to add an extra pack of salt biscuits in her grocery list!!! Will these “scavengers” one day be licking my butter scotch ice cream, or demand for pizzas and burgers from a menu card???

Thursday, July 27, 2006

She waves out from near the stars…..

Hi!!! How are you guys doing??? I have something nice to tell u and I am really excited about it!!! I got to know what subjects I am going to be doing this semester. Molecular Genetics, Biochemistry and Biostatistics is in the list. I’m also going to do some project with snake venom. Hehe :) And to add to these, I am planning to take a go on one English Module. Yahooooooooo!!! Also, my timetable says that mostly, i’ll have the whole of Wednesday freeeeeeee!!!! This semester is going to be lots of fun!!!

Days are closing in. I pretty well know that I still have 8 days to go and I need to boost myself to start my new semester in a home-away-from-home. But I know much better that these few days will pass by ever so quickly. I’m not here to complain or to mourn. But its just that, I feel, you guys have the right to know the other side of me – the one that’s been in hibernation.

Mornings are fun. I am bubbling with enthusiasm, planning what to do, pestering my parents that we will go here-there, do this-that, chit-chatting with my granny, as she gives me some last minute tips on cooking and on how-to-live-an-optimistic-hostel-life. But as slowly, the night creeps in, I can literally feel my enthusiasm wane out, my face turns pale and the bright eyes that sparkled with mischief and excitement begin to look weary and distort. I go to bed pretty early, around 10.30pm. Tired out of day’s work, dad and mom fall asleep instantly. But I close my eyes, only to be inviting thoughts of loneliness and of flying back to S’pore. I twist and turn, try to chant some sloka, try to think of beautiful things – of flowers, gardens, babies, friends, dad, mommy, blogsville. I try to think of kick starting the sophomore year in university that promises so many wonderful things to explore and learn. But the thought of leaving home after this 3-month long vacation, leaving behind the people I love so dearly, makes my heart heavy.

The body pleads with the mind to rest, not to think, to motivate. As the body forcefully cajoles the mind to sleep, the mind refuses even more authoritatively. As I fully wrap myself with a blanket, trying not to emote in front of my parents, I can feel my eyes getting hotter, a small bead of tear trickles through the corner of my eyes. I wipe it away and console myself, pleading for sleep to take over me…

As I was fighting one such battle with myself last night, i was imagining myself, waving out to you guys from up the sky!!! Smiling out to all of you, through the small window in the aeroplane, thanking you for the wonderful vacation you guys gave me and hoping to see you guys motivate me through this semester!!!!

Thnx guys for being there…. Thnx a ton… Take care and have lotsa fun!!! Hugggggggggggzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Ecstatic Prithz in Child's Play !!!

Heeeelllllllooooooooooo people!!! How was your weekend??? I had a blast!!! Its been another one of those best weekends in life!!! With all the fun i had for the past 2 days, i am feeling really energized and excited. All worries washed off. Nothing to let me buckle under pressure. Currently, i am in that phase of life, sans commitments, sans cribbings and sans tension. Its been nearly more than a month since i have requested God to help me get over this-that or anything of that sort. Its a very general prayer of well-being nowadays. (*touchwood*)

Now, with full zeal to enjoy life to its zenith, i am here giving u guys a BIG wave and a broad smile!!!!!! :) To add onto all the fun, dad and mom got me a pair of new Reebok Shoes (Dravid's I am what i am!!!) and a new black Nokia 6030 Mobile. Though my dad wanted to get a N-series mobile for himself (Ahhhh!!! muaaaachh!!), mom would not allow her budget to shoot (Grrrrr!!!), so both of us settled for this decent one. Simple features and good enough for me to chat, talk and sms.

On Saturday, as dad left for office, mom and me left for my cuzn's place. The big one was off to school, but the other naughty 6 year old was at home. My entry was a huge relief to my aunt, in a way that, i would now play with him, letting the 2 sisters(mom and aunt) have their time. I watched Noddy in Pogo along with him. He showed me all his school text books and then his maths test paper. While so many kids had scored centum in that paper, this fella got only 98(Silly mistake!!!) and my aunt was so upset abt it. ;) Later, he brought his toys, one by one and stocked the bed, until the two had just enough space to sit with all the toys scattered around us. My aunt and mom were shocked when they saw how "well" i was managing him, dirtying the cot and creating raucous of a noice along with the kiddo.

Finally, we shoved away everything else except soft clay. We made clay models out of it and played. Just to give you a tinge of how kiddish i was that day, i will highlight the models that we did. We made a coconut tree, under whose shade stood a sofa. We made a cute clay-kitten (with long tail and ears) sit on the sofa and watch the tv we moulded!!! Then, we also designed a car for it!!! Unfortunately, i didnt take my camera that day. Else i would have clicked a few pics of our masterpiece and shared them with you guys :p My aunt was in splits watching me play this way with the little one. She was in full praise of me, to have got so deeply engrossed in such a child's play. No one in their house has the patience to be playing such kiddo-games with him. ;(

Coming to seriously think about this, itsnt it really sweet to play such a game??? Isnt it wonderful to see your own imagination on fire, getting deeply interested in the other kid's ideas, listening to them with patience and playing their game with the same vigour as they would??? Of course,
if i were to play anything like this all alone at home, my parents would probably be dailing to get an appointment with a psychiatrist!!! Its like a fantasy world altogether and i simply love it. Do u????

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Pretty it is !!!

Hiiiiii !!! Hope u guys are doing great. I have been feeling really dumb and bored. Not much activity in blogsville. In search of solace, i switched on the television. Nothing to interest me there too. Then, i sat down with my library book. Twisting and turning, i managed to read about 30 pages and then, i began to feel hungry. I moved to the fridge, only to find some veggies, ketchup, milk bikis, salt biscuits and many others that again least caught my attention. Rasgulla was also finished (exclusively by me) the very day it was bought. Another can of rasgulla would probably mean, cleaning up the wardrobe!!! For heaven's sake, pardon me from that.

As i was looking around the house, imagining, if anyone in this world would be as hopelessly idle as me, a mind picture burst out of thin air like a bubble - I saw myself dressed up like a clown and scratching my head!!! Sometimes, just like great ideas flash during the course of one's bath (quoted out of personal experience!!! Eurekhaaaaa!!!), ideas also erupt when you scratch your head. And it did !!!!

I rushed to the cupboard and took out the stock of old photographs. Within a few minutes, i could feel my excitement and thrill flush out. For sometime, i felt i was busier than the busiet business man in town. I was sitting in the middle of a whole pile of albums, like a kid left alone with a whole store of toys. Finally, i managed to get the pics i wanted - my fancy dress and school play photographs!!!

That was when i was in class 3. I was one among the 101 Dalmations in our school's annual celebrations. We were one big crowd and i can bet that the real Dalmations would have been easier to manage than us!!! :)

This was for our school's triennial project. I had to enact as a mother of a new born kid, whose naming ceremony was being performed. My teachers discovered that i could speak, only when they heard me protest for this role!!! The sari kept slipping my waist even when my mom had pinned up every fold with pins.

This was for a Krishna Bhajan in my uncle's place. Casually, i returned from school to enjoy with my cousins without any intervention from the elders. Little did i realise what was in store when i returned. My uncle and aunty lifted me and got me into this costume(i'm the one to the right). I stood there like a dumbo holding the flute (trying to cover up my tumy that kept peeping out) while my other cousin got to sit with the veena in her hand. I was literally cursing her that day.

That has been my encounter with fancy dress and plays. Have you guys any such adventures to share too????

Monday, July 17, 2006

My Favourites !!!

Hello people!!! How do u do??? I am slowly beginning my preparations to leave. With just 20 more days left for me to push off from home, my mom asked me to clean my bookshelf. Know what the deal was??? Very simple - Help my mom clear "my shelf", put the old newspapers and some unwanted notebooks to the old paper shop guy, then with the money the paper shop guy would give, i would get a can of Haldirams rasgulla!!! :) (These are some tactics my parents often use to get things done from me.. and i very easily fall for such deals!!!) Though i hate to put my hands into the dusty shelves, anticpating a lizard to pop out and scare me to death, i simply love to browse through my old books, notebooks and especially wait to get my hands on the rasgulla i was to get that evening!!! This Sunday, was one such wonderful nostalgic afternoon.

I began to pick the books, one-by-one and filter out the books that i had to pass on to my cousins. I was going through my neatly scribbled notebooks, english textbook, my preserved exam papers, red marks by teachers in some, encouraging comments in others, the chit-chat with friends written by the corner of textbook pages, paintings in a few pages, e-mail addresses of friends and teachers and lots more. I discovered some long lost materials too... Here they are...

The ink pen - Gifted by my grandpa to my mom, in her college days and then passed on to me... My lucky pen it was!!!

The vocabulary book - When i was having my class 8 vacation, my mom enrolled me in a creative writing class. This book came into existence then. Been in search of it for long and finally found it!!!

The Rahul Dravid bookmark - Created by this crazy Dravid fan called Prithz. I would purposely have this peep out of my library book, so that friends can see. One day, when it was lying in my desk, my teacher noticed it too. From that day on, whenever there was a cricket match, and Dravid got out, that teacher would loudly convey her condolences to me in front of the whole class :(

The arts book - One period in school i really love. Once in a term, when it is arts grading time, Prithz will be in demand!!! "Hey, can you please do something to this piece of s#*t i created. I will get u that softy from our canteen!!! Plz plz plz." And again, i would fall for that Rs.5 icecream!!! ;)

And hey, i also found these two favourite sketches of mine!!! I guess its a bit dull, Click and enlarge to get a better view...

That's the dream home i mentioned in my tag post :) Remember???

Friday, July 14, 2006

Small, Short and Sweet...

Rain spattering like bullets from the blue,

The sun giggling between the leaves,

A half-shy, half-proud rainbow,

An easy chair laid on the balcony,

Fries, ketchup and warm tea,

The smell of the earth overpowering them all,

A brown tattered book in hand,

Curled in the chair,

Eyes scrolling, unputdownable!!

Kindergarden tales, Fantasy fables,

Short stories, Explicit morals.

It was 7 years ago, a quiet Sunday afternoon and i was with my all time favourite book by Enid Blyton....

That was my first date with a book. When it was time to begin The Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys series, i used to be one sole girl, stretching to pick Enid Blyton's book from the rack in the library. I admire her for the wonderful childhood days that i had with her books. I preferred to read her short stories about children rather than the novels like Secrect Seven and Famous Five. Slowly, i began to lay my hands upon novels and now its the age of Dan Brown, Sidney Sheldon and Robert Ludnum. I used to be one kid, speaking in broken English and fumbling with words. Now,
if there is someone apart from my English teacher and my dad to whom i owe my knowledge of English, its Enid Blyton. It was my mom who first bought me a book of Enid Blyton and i still treasure it in my book shelf. That was the book that introduced me to the new world of story telling and i began to fancy the wonderful game played with the English language.

That's my experience with books and the beautiful language. What's it with you guys????

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Moa is back, rejuvenated….

Helllllloooooooooo!!!! Hope you guys had as good a weekend as me and kick started another exciting week. Am really glad all of u enjoyed the previous Tag post and I hope that someday all of you get to do the tag. Though I really felt the emptiness of staying away from blogsville, I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of my stay and time with Aditi.

Its been jus less than a month between my meetings with her, but I observed enormous change in Aditi. She is still the bubbling, ever-smiling, sparkling kid, walking around the house like a penguin. Now adding on to that, she has begun to interpret our language better and speak small words with such ease. She does speak longer sentences, but we are not shrewd enough to understand them!!! Her emotional reactions to our conversations with her, made me dumbstruck. Every morning, as I came out dressed up after a bath, she would analyze me from head to toe and jump up with excitement. Later, thinking I was getting ready to go out, she would run up to me pleading to take her by my arms. I felt like a kid playing around with her, kissing and meddling with her.

Ok, lets go day-by-day. On Saturday morning, mom , dad and me left for Bangalore by car. The drive was really pleasant. The highway, studded with flower plants was a treat to drive along. Finally, when we reached B'lore, we were welcomed by my aunt and Aditi.

Their house is nicknamed "Horizon" by my dad. Its typically situated amidst fields and u can look upon moutains and a beautiful sun rise in the morning. Its a picturesque environment and a wonderful place to relax.

Saturday passed off by celebrating my aunt's b'day and playing around with Aditi. I taught her how to say "Hi" and later on she even learnt how to pose for the camera!!! She even imitated her dad's way of holding on to the mobile!!! Every time, i clicked with the flash on, she would jump up and smile wildly, then go on pointing to others, telling them that she is there in that "small something"!!!

On Sunday, all of us decided to visit Lal Bagh and ISKCON temple. Guess what, the first one to get dressed up was the kiddo!!! She wore her new shoes, showed off her dress to all of us, and stood by the gate waiting to go vrooooommmm....

Aditi was just a little afraid to walk with her new shoes and insisted that we carry her. Probably she felt she were on moon walking shoes!!! Then, we clicked some snaps. Unfortunately, the rose plants were all dried up :(

We held her hands, and walked along with Aditi. The most comical part was that, she used to stare at couples romancing in the garden. She would smile at them and they would forcefully return her smile with an embarrassed smirk. All of us were in splits watching her do this.

Later, on Monday, everyone including my dad left for work. It was only, aunty, my mom, Aditi and me left at home. We had the whole house to ourselves. We were playing "fashion show" with Aditi (My aunt was showing us all her cute dresses; they were like the ones barbie dolls wear!!!)

I just didnt want Tuesday to dawn, for we were to head back to Chennai then. I played with Aditi in the little time that was left. When we asked her if she would come with us to Chennai, she would give out an enthusiastic "Yes". Finally, when it was time to say bye, she cried. It was so hard to see her. But quickly, she changed her mood and when she was just out of our eye's reach, she held up her hand and waved us goodbye.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Its a Tag - My First !!!

Hiya!!!! Hope u guys are in the best of your spirits!!! I am doin great. I just wanted to tell u guys that i will be away this weekend!!!! Yes, i am goin to Bangalore to meet my sweet little niece, Aditi !!!

Before i leave, i just thought i would do this cute tag that Lalitha asked me to try. Its my first tag!!! Its a picture taking tag and here it goes....

Desired Celebrity - Rahul Dravid

I am in total love with him. An awesome cricketer, breathtaking personality, self-motivator, a perfect gentleman. He is patience personified.
His biography is a must-read for any blossoming cricketer. Dravid having completed 10 years of crickering career has managed to carve his own niche, in spite of being in the shadows of the little master, Sachin. He is someone, from whom i learnt the true meaning of motivation.

Want To Do This Someday - Scuba dive and Build a home :)

I have always loved the beach and admired the world that exists deep under water. It was my trip to S'pore beach that motivated me. I fancy that some day i can scuba dive into the deep waters of the Pacific and enjoy the beauty of the Great Barrier Coral Reef. Though scary, i am ready to gather the courage ;)

If i were to think of something practical that i want to do, then it is to build a sweet little home for moa, dad and mom. It would all be my effort, a surprise to my dad and mom. With eyes blindfolded, i would take them to this dream home one day and that moment would be the best moment of my life :)

A Place I Would Want To Visit - The Swiss Alps !!!!

Its been a dream since i started lessons in geography in school. I have always fancied visiting the Alps in Switz, throwing snow balls aroun
d and enjoying the pristine splendour of the ice-capped mountains. Frankly, it would be my first destination for a ;)

Random Favourite - Ferero Rocher and ButterScotch Icecream !!!

Irresistable delight!!! Ferero rocher is the ultimate choice of chocolate for me. My dad would buy 2 boxes and still i wouldnt be satisfied :( I simply l
ove it....

Butter Scotch icecreams... Yummmmmmmmyy... The way the chill melts in my tongue, its simply unmatched!!!... i am so crazy abt it that a waiter in a local icecream parlour will automaticaly place a cup of Butterscotch icecream even before i place the order... its one thing i really fall for ;)

I was Tagged by - Lalitha (Starry Nights)

This one is pretty wierd. You have got to plug in the picture of the post from which you picked up this tag. I am really happy i managed to do this one (considering my feeble knowledge of the digital machine)... ;)

That's about it i guess. Its a wonderful tag for all of you to try. So i leave it to ur choice to take this up. However, i will tag few of you for sure ;)

Take care and have lotsa fun...hugggggggggggzzzz.....

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Diplomacies in an Indian Marriage !!!

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii !!!!

Well…that statement very well illustrates the excitement that has wrapped me. Hope you guys are having a wonderful time too, be it at work, university or vacation. It was a wonderful weekend for me. My uncle celebrated his b’day with the entry of a brand new car. He gave me a chance to drive it. It felt like I was driving some chariot on the dusty, bumpy and crowded roads of Chennai. My aunt certified that my driving was neat and patient, a comment that I am craving to get from my own mother!!! When I drive the car, you can literally tell that my mom’s BP is at its peak and she would anytime break out with a heart attack. Since my dad has taken the driver’s seat for more than 20 years now, she will take her time to accept me as the driver and I shall wait, patiently and eagerly until that day dawns.

On Sunday, along with my uncle’s family we went to my eldest uncle’s place. Our family get-togethers are such fun. Mockery, uncles and aunties into heated discussions about our mischief, cousins’ secrects, tea sessions, plans for a family outing to the beach or a movie and much more. This Sunday was not those “yet another regular family meetings”. It was one of those days I have been waiting for, so eagerly in life, yet something deep within my heart silently says – “Plz, let this not happen. Let us be just like we were”. The fear that I might not be able to relive those precious moments we spent together with grandpa, grandma, all uncles and aunties, daddies and mummies and our dear cousins broke loose last evening.

Let’s first get to the lighter half of the story. The excitement began, as all of us settled comfortably in an air conditioned room, with papers scattered all around and our conversations constantly being disturbed by half a dozen mobiles, each ringing with a peculiar ringtone!!! Then, the topic arose – Ashok’s marriage. We were all waiting to grab it. Frankly that was the purpose of our visit. My uncle, his two sons (Ashwin, Nithin) and myself began to rag our eldest cousin, Ashok. Usually, we are the ones who are literally tortured by his unending teasing sessions. But this time, very surprising, he portrayed himself as a shy, dignified man - gentleman, who would simply sit by and watch us mock at him. For all the fun we were having at his cost, he simply returned the gratitude with an unassuming handsome smile. However, the air lacked its usual exuberance due to his silence.

Two months back, my grandpa had called him separately and enquired his age. Quickly realizing the hidden meaning in this question and well aware that he would definitely escape, he has bravely answered. But little did he realize that his answer would backfire. Grandpa has exclaimed, “Oh!!! I got married when I was just 18 years. So its time you get married too!!!” Belonging to a middle class, mildly orthodox Hindu family, all elders in the family have begun a serious search for a girl. We are still in the 1st level of the hunt, that is, exchanging horoscopes and advertising our hero!!! We are yet to set out on a tour to the girl’s house with our hero and discuss each others’ family background, boy and girls’ interests and demands. The previous marriage of our eldest cousin has given all the elders some experience in this regard. So everyone knows that this will take some time and requires lots of issues to think about and analyze.

Of all the people, I am the one who shows maximum interest in getting my cousin married. Though I get some innocent and selfish happiness in that, I cant afford to miss it - I can boss around as the hero’s sister, dressed with new clothes, eat a scrumptious marriage luncheon and most importantly, according to the Hindu custom, the bridegroom’s sister ties the 3rd nuptial knot and this great responsibility would be mine!!! To think of this makes me feel as though I am the “most-wanted”. I have been pestering that they finish off the marriage before I leave for S’pore, but I know quite well that its not such a simple matter afterall. However, I have no regrets, I would be more than happy to take a break from university and proudly tell my friends that I am going back home for my brother’s marriage and that I am the most important girl for the function apart from the bride!!!

When I seriously come to think about what is going to happen, my heart begins to feel lonely, as though everything in life came with a tag that says – “Temporary”. One day, I too would be gone, with my own family, in some part of this world, far away from my dear people. I would miss all our weekly meetings, the fun that I had with my cousins. The episodes of today would soon become memories of yesterday. We have been more like brothers and sisters, rather than cousins. I feel so elated when they share so much love and care with me, feel for me when I take my flight back to S’pore, and eagerly await my return, to narrate family updates and enjoy every moment they spend with me. I truly, deeply wish that the love we share lasts forever, the bond that exists never melts and that we get back to these days, mock and tease one another, with the same feeling, no matter who has entered our life…

p.s.: This post is dedicated to all in my family.