Thursday, December 21, 2006

Aging in style

The sun peeked from between the branches
Morning dew adorned the leaves like pearls
Amidst this verdant landscape is outlined
A quiet and gentle figure.

With thick glasses perched low on the nose
Lips monotonously chanting.
Wrinkled fingers making artistic movements
As they turn colourful balls of wool into sweaters.

An epitome of wisdom and enthusiasm
A living mirage of the times that have passed
Beautiful old people - a work of art.
No wonder she is called ‘grand’mom.

Amazing real life stories. Cute fables. The warmth of her lap. The divine sparkle in her eyes. The tongue tickling food. She is so much fun to be with – loving, caring, soft and practical.

P.S.: A dedication to my dearest grandmother.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Milestone 50...

Five years ago, appa returned from his overseas trip. A new teddy sat in the suitcase, ready to be hugged. So damn cute. Seems like just yesterday since "Jammy" entered my life.

Three years ago, a brand new scooty sprang to life. Today, as i push the dust off her, she stands and winks at me before we begin our journey. Seems like just yesterday since "black beauty" entered my life.

A year ago, lappie dear walked in. Stuck ferrero rocher stickers all over his shining silver crust - he's been amazing company. Seems like just yesterday since "Ferrero" entered my life.

Few months later, music blared in my ears. A black i-pod it was. Nothing could have been a better gift for the musically obsessed me. Seems like just yesterday since "Ferero" entered my life (couldnt think of another name for her!)

Nine months ago, in came another new world of difference - virtual this time. Little did i realise that this too could add so much spice to life, find me a new set of friends and shrink this huge world, so much so that they could feel what i felt. It all began with this poem -

A Reason to be here!!

To relive those precious moments,
Flooded with joys unprecedented
And emotions unparalleled,
I enter this new world
Where glimpses of the past and
Hopes of the future,
Turn into words of the present
And here I present to you,
A reflection of the true me -
"Ecstasy Re-lived"

Seems like just yesterday since "Ecstasy Re-lived" came into existence.

P.S. : My 50th post! :D Tks a ton to all those who have been patiently going through my ramblings :) Hugggzzzzzzzz! :)

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Another end.. another beginning...

Happppppppppyyyyyyyy Bday to Rumz !!! Have a blast diiii!!!!

Hellllooooooooooooooo peoplessssssssssss!!!! My exams for this sem finally came to an end on wednesday and since then, i have been on cloud nine!!! Yahoooooooooooooo!!!!! Jolllyyyyyyy!!! My room has been blaring with music. I have been singing along and jumping around my room. At last, it feels so nice to be back to my hyper-excited state from that hypertensed state! To add to all the excitement, it poured cats and dogs that evening - a perfect way to begin the hols! Also, i bid goodbye to our indian stall aunty. She was really pleased that i informed her about me goin back home for vacation. :) My frnd and me then went out for some window shopping and had an icecream! We went around laughing like maniacs, rewinding all the fun that we had this sem. She has been an awesome friend throughout this semester, been there at all times. Loved her company. Completely. Am sure gonna miss her for the next few days. Oki, those apart, am now ready to take offfffffffff!!!! Yipppppeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! Cant wait to see people back home. I've literally instructed people at home with all their chores, mom - to make rasam and my fav curry, dad - to stock the fridge with butterscotch icecreams, cuzns - to have completed preparing for exams, coz their sis is comin over to freak out with them! And yeah, i cant wait to lay my hands on my dad's car and my bike! :D Whoaaaaaaa!!!

Oki, this time, i havn't really thought about a good blog topic to post (as if its been good so far!) Phew! Anyways, i thought i would just put down a part of the conversation my frnd n me had b4 our last exam (molecular biology). Here it goes...

She : hi di.. exam prep how?
Me: so so di.. shit scared! u?
She: hopeless di... mcq na, i will use the elimination method...
Me: hehe.. same pinch!
She: dat also dont work na, then spy wid my little eye :D
Me: hehe... to an extent me too depending on the person beside me...
She: heeheeh... seri.. tell ur seat number no
Me: ***
She: other exams n all u sat anywhere near ^^?
Me: no di.. ** was my closest...
She: haiyoo.. hope i dunt land up in front row!
Me: hehe.. free free..
She: I left free di alridi.. still.. hv to be a bit serious na.. if this module pulls down the avg na.. then damage only...
Me: Yeah.. i know.. scary!
She: this eggjam .. egg than :((
Me: boiled egg na can eat.. else.. dat also waste!
She: raw eggggggg di!!!! will fall on head!
Me: hehe.... alridi the stinkings :P
She: person next to me gets A na, then i can get atleast B...
Me: ikjaactly! :D
She: I am getting only ** avg di... u?
Me: Oye.. u stop calculating avg di.. u've been tellin me all nos for the past 3 days!
She: me got one disease di....
Me: wattttt di.. bomb putting?
She: CAP calculating disease.. the CC disorder!
Me: LOL!
She: mutation in a single brain cell
Me: i am goin to come n repress that disorder.. its troubling me too much.. overexpression!
She: hehehe.. u shd cause point mutation .... and silence the gene
Me: No no.. me the do direct deletion only! :D
She: hehe.... cannot... it is like albinism :P
(*i am silent for a while*)
She: y ur tongue the silence?
Me: hehe... shows how much i have studied! ;) damage only 2moro!

We went on to crib about our status and finally realised that we had wasted enough time and got back to mugging stuff. :D Oki, now that exams are over, i aint goin to think abt it anymore.. goin to enjoy my hols and hope to come back and kick start a fresh new semester! :D Till then.. take care.. my next post will be from home sweet home, my very own room!!! Whoaaa!!! So nice! See u guys soon!!! Hugggggggzzzzzzzzz!!! :D